Planning and implementation of Tuoyuan activity

Planning and implementation of Tuoyuan activity

Time: January 9, 2020

Location: Zhengzhou Jinan; Shanghai Guiyang; Guiyang Beijing; Guangzhou Guiyang

Service content: Guangzhou activity scheme planning, visual design, overall implementation and interactive communication

Keywords: Overseas Event Planning, Overseas Event Execution Company, Overseas Event Company, Overseas Public Relations Event Company

The custom of reunion passed down from generation to generation in Chinese New Year

Carrying the blessing of happy reunion of generations

A large table of delicious food for Chinese New Year

Three generations of ancestors and grandchildren who sit around one table enjoy themselves

A pot of warm wine and a dish of authentic home dishes

Chinese New Year is coming

Chinese red wine is sweeping the country's major high-speed trains

Zhengzhou, Jinan, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Guiyang and other cities

The national "four vertical and four horizontal" trunk line high-speed railway trains are closely arranged

Around the base camp, Guizhou market radiates the surrounding areas

On the way home during the Spring Festival, accompanied by Chinese Red Road

Happy new year in 2020

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