VR / AR live video creates infinite possibilities in the global conference


The era of enterprise class live broadcast with goods is coming: VR / AR live video creates infinite possibilities in the global conference

Vr virtual live, AR video live

TOWIN  vision technology team will create surreal online conferences for you all over the world, and distribute the traffic to various video platforms, so that the delivery release can directly change the future marketing trend.



Because of the spread of the epidemic, many enterprises have to cancel the planned press conference.

Recently, several conferences with leading influence in the industry have brought us a new vision.

One is Xiaomi's mobile phone conference. Lei Jun made the first conference through an online live broadcast that nobody attended, and ran a race with time.

Next, what's cooler is the Samsung mobile phone conference, which directly uses its own software for AR live broadcast. Mature matting technology and virtual 3D scene make you feel like a scene.


The point is, the cost is too low for you to imagine.

It's better to take the money to buy traffic than to spend on stage when no one is on the spot. Obviously, it's better than Lei Jun.



For live broadcast, in order to achieve better visual effect, VR or ar live technology is often used.

VR refers to 360 panoramic live broadcast. With 360 panoramic camera equipment, you can be on the stage and equipped with special VR glasses, you can have a sense of immersive experience.



Ar refers to augmented reality technology, which combines virtual scenes with real people, and creates a "real" scene without real stage through real-time rendering equipment.



Detailed description of AR equipment: Vizrt AR, as the world's leading ar Augmented reality system, has a wide range of applications, many fields of application, and high reliability. It can provide cool ar packaging for variety shows and sports events. For example, CCTV, fox, BBC, sky, ESPN and other world-famous TV stations all adopt Vizrt's AR and online packaging system, especially in the field of e-sports, Vizrt system is used in all E-sports events of fist and Blizzard companies, online packaging and virtual ar. All dazzling ar effects of China Tencent's hero League and King's glory large-scale events are achieved through Vizrt system.

TOWIN vision technology introduced strategic investment to purchase multiple sets of Vizrt Weiss system, which is compatible with online packaging and AR creativity of mainstream E-sports events. In addition, it also purchased Norwegian type rocker tracking system, Japanese shiotoku tracking platform, Mo sys infrared tracking system, and independently developed indoor GPS flying shuttle camera tracking system.


This integrated system is one of the most stable and effective virtual reality (AR) practical solutions on the market, and has become the standard configuration of CNN, BBC, Fox Sports Channel and other foreign media. Jiangsu Satellite TV, Hunan Satellite TV and Tencent video all adopt the same technology.

Virtual studio and film studio studio studio rental, real-time matting 1080p image quality is more real.


When it comes to VR live, many people will never forget the last NBA game of Kobe's career last year. Nextvr uses VR live broadcast technology, so that fans who can't come to the scene can also feel the tsunami like cheers and shouts in the game, feel the intensity of the game and witness the moment when Kobe Bryant retired. Nowadays, nextvr has opened VR live viewing qualification, and all users can pay to watch every NBA all star game.

With the development of technology, VR is changing from technology concept to commercial reality. VR live broadcast is the combination of virtual reality and live broadcast. How is VR live broadcast realized? In short, the whole process from shooting to watching can be summarized as: panoramic camera + splicing synthesis server + code upload + on demand room distribution + user viewing. Specifically, the panoramic camera collects video data and then splices it in real time through a computer or workstation, pushes it to a computer room for distribution after coding, and finally users watch it through VR helmet + mobile phone / computer. In this process, in addition to panoramic camera and splicing, there is not much difference between VR live and traditional live.

VR live broadcast has high requirements for equipment, from process, shooting end, transmission to cloud distribution, to playback end, helmet, end-to-end, and video response, almost every link has high requirements. VR live broadcast needs to use 360 degree panoramic shooting equipment, which not only has multiple wide-angle lenses, but also has the same parameters of sensor synchronization, color and white balance to capture super clear and multi angle pictures. Each frame is a 360 degree panorama, and ordinary mobile camera and PC camera cannot meet the shooting requirements.

With the development of science and technology, the devices needed for VR live broadcasting are also gradually developing. There are commercial technical solutions for VR cameras, such as detu F4 and Nokia ozo, which can be used for VR live broadcasting. Nokia ozo costs about $45000, which is a little expensive for ordinary people, but not too expensive for professional platforms such as TV stations, film and television production companies. That is to say, there is no problem in VR camera, and it is difficult to solve the core problem of VR live video quality and real-time splicing.


At the forefront of VR live broadcast is nextvr in the United States, which is supported by 26 patents such as shooting, compression, transmission and VR content display. In addition to the data compression technology, nextvr also has a panoramic live truck dedicated to the real-time broadcast of 360 degree VR programs. These two technologies ensure the real-time and visibility of content in time and space. For VR live broadcast, technology is the necessary factor to ensure that it brings users instant pictures, clear picture quality and wonderful content. Nextvr's leading technology directly opens the difference between it and other competitors.


Due to the high demand for image quality, VR live broadcast has nearly twice the technical parameters of traditional ordinary live broadcast, requiring at least 2560 * 1440 (2k) resolution / 30m code rate / 90 frame rate. In addition, under the existing conditions, PC client + VR head display can provide the best immersive experience and the most realistic 3D perspective effect. In addition, if the user wants to watch the live VR video, the network bandwidth used by the user must be greater than the code rate of VR video. If the resolution is 2K, the actual downlink bandwidth of the user is at least greater than 30m.


Although many domestic live platforms have set up VR live channel and VR live studio one after another, and many star concerts have launched VR live, but due to technical conditions and other factors, the feeling of atmosphere can not reach the corresponding effect, and the user experience is poor. Due to the technical deficiencies at this stage, domestic VR live can not provide clear, smooth and complete content, which is also an important reason for users to criticize.


In addition, at present, the domestic VR live broadcasting platforms are all live broadcasting platforms. Each platform has not made technical reserves for VR live broadcasting, and the resolution, refresh rate and code rate are not enough. Moreover, most users use mobile phones to watch VR live broadcasting, rather than VR head display. Due to the low resolution and refresh rate of mobile phones, the use of mobile VR boxes will cause vertigo for a little longer time. Moreover, the Rendering VR video on mobile phone for a long time often leads to serious heating problems. Therefore, in a short period of time, domestic VR live broadcast can not meet the minimum standards, nor meet the needs of users.


Therefore, domestic platforms for VR live broadcasting should focus on how to improve technology and optimize content, and increase their own strength to have competitive capital. Content and technology complement each other. Good content needs to provide technical support, and good technology needs to be filled with high-quality content. Why nextvr has the capital to be superior to VR live broadcasting field is its success factor.

With the development of VR industry, more and more manufacturers will develop VR products in the future, and China's VR live broadcasting market will become larger and larger. At last, the VR live broadcasting of all platforms can reach the market level, only taking time, not now.