Guangzhou tuoyuan public relations help | jun · yunjingtai jingdong self-run

Guangzhou tuoyuan public relations help | jun · yunjingtai jingdong self-run hot open grab
Time: May 22, 2020
Location: Beijing, China
Core contents: e-commerce live broadcast generation operation, live broadcast with goods, douyin generation operation, guangzhou event plan planning, visual design, implementation and coordination, interactive communication, etc
The guest introduced that as the first project of "self-owned property" of jingdong, the purchase of zhongjun cloud jingtai through jingdong will bring more exclusive rights and interests of the platform. By virtue of its platform advantages, jingdong real estate directly contracts the developer's house resources into its own service. The self-operated house resources all include the five characteristic service rights and interests of house selection, self-operated preferential offer, locked house on line, unjustified cancellation and price protection. As the exclusive service platform of housing resources, jingdong has realized the whole process demand of the buyers of the house, which is "good quality, good price, good service and good after-sales service".
The "amway group" led by xu lei, CEO of jingdong retail group, and wang meng, CEO of zhongjun group, recommended zhongjun · yunjingtai project through the "house ownership" of jingdong.
Guests introduced that jingdong real estate provides users with the proprietary service of the self-owned standard of real estate "house selection, self-owned preferential, price protection, worrie-free repurchase, line locked room". This is the first standard in the industry, which solves the problems of house purchase ranking, quality uncertainty, deposit dispute, service guarantee and so on.
Wang meng, CEO of zhongjun group, first introduced the activity of "10,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan". From now until the opening of the market in June, users can buy and freeze the products of the small Treasury of 10,000 yuan in the "house property self-operation" of jingdong. After the opening of the project, they can get a discount of 20,000 yuan to buy a house.
Jingdong retail CEO xu lei also issued a big move, during the 618 this year, jingdong "house property self-management" will be launched in the junjun yunjingtai project 6.18 discount room!

In the debate, many people think that the king has few topics and no flow, but she is not convinced. She tries every means to break through her own limitations, so that she has the ability to present her views more perfectly. In China's real estate market, jingdong's "proprietary property" performance is just like the spirit of the king, making itself more perfect and consumers more satisfied.
Is the "house ownership" amway group of jingdong also recognized by you? Search on jingdong "house property self-run", 6.18 fold a good house, easy to settle in Beijing.
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