Junpin moment, with the city's "Junpin Hui" high-end appreciation meeting

Guangzhou Tuoyuan public relations media helps to practice wine - Junpin moment, with the city's "Junpin Hui" high-end appreciation meeting Chengdu

Time: June 11, 2020

Location: Chengdu, China

Core content: live broadcast business, live broadcasting, tiktok, jitter operation, Guangzhou activity plan, visual design, execution plan, interactive communication, etc.

After the outbreak, the implementation of Guangzhou Tuoyuan activity will press the shortcut key again

To pay homage to the contemporary gentleman by tasting wine

Junpinhui offline activities

Chengdu yesterday

Effect drawing


Recently, the poster of real industrial sauce wine has attracted many people's attention. In Tuoyuan PR media, we provide creative design for Junpin under the line of Diaoyutai hotel in Chengdu, and Junpin's wine practice has aroused a warm response from the market. As another classic, genuine sauce wine may bring the same market expectation.

Junpin meets the city

From the starting point of junpinhui, junpinhui, interpretation of different levels of "Huihui", and dialogue with junpinhui (city) culture

With Junpin culture as the background, the "Huis" gather urban elites. -Starting from the exchange and promotion of Junpin culture, Junpin wine making as the heritage and carrier of Junpin culture, today we invite

Please gather 30 urban elites and Junpin representatives here. Their circle attributes and Junpin culture will be more wonderful after meeting.

Guangzhou Tuoyuan public relations media will help Xi'an "Junpin moment, with the city's" junpinhui "high-end appreciation meeting Chengdu" to set sail, and usher in a new high.

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