middle school and JUNBA nursing home in Lukou District, Zhuzhou, Hunan Province

Tuoyuan public relations media continues to "hold up the wings of dreams with love" charity trip - donation activities to No.1 middle school and JUNBA nursing home in Lukou District, Zhuzhou, Hunan Province

At 9:00 a.m. on July 3, 2020, the rainstorm was so heavy that it could not resist the public welfare enthusiasm of the partners from Tuoyuan public relations media and the manager of the meeting, and led the love team to hold a charity donation activity in Lukou District No.1 middle school.

In the classroom of the first middle school, 10 excellent poverty-stricken students in No.1 middle school are subsidized. The donation activities donated computers, learning machines, schoolbags, desk lamps, cereals and other daily necessities, with a total value of more than 30000 yuan. The children who received the gifts expressed their gratitude in their hearts and said that they should study hard and repay the society when they grow up.

At the forum, junior high school head Wang Qingchun, on behalf of all the teachers and students of No.1 middle school, expressed sincere welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the loving people. What the public welfare personages sent was not only helping materials, but also inspiring and transmitting values.

In his speech, Mr. Tang Saiqun, the representative of caring people and President of Zhuzhou charity volunteer Federation, encouraged children not to be frightened by the difficulties in front of them, to advance in the face of difficulties, to go against the wind, and to believe that dark clouds can not cover the sun in their hearts. Children's difficulties are not faced by children and their parents alone. If we want to believe in the country and society, we will surely join hands and make great strides forward.

The student representatives expressed their sincere thanks to the caring people, saying that they will overcome difficulties, study hard, live up to the expectations of the society, and will make achievements in their studies to serve the country and society.

Luo Ronglu, the principal of Lukou No.1 middle school, said in his thanks that "to help students with aspirations, great love is boundless.". The behavior of caring people and volunteers sowed the seeds of love in the hearts of children and ignited their passion for struggle. As the disseminator of culture and civilization, the school will cultivate the children's sense of gratitude and repayment while giving full play to cultural knowledge. This sense of love must be passed on.

At the forum, representatives of Tuoyuan public relations media said: charity and public welfare activities are an important part of the corporate culture of Tuoyuan public relations media. Paying attention to education means paying attention to the future of the motherland. It is the social responsibility of Tuoyuan public relations media to provide help to poor children in rural areas and give them opportunities to realize their life goals. Donation to No.1 Middle School of Lukou district is an important part of Tuoyuan's public relations and media public welfare.

Mr. Chen Xin, the representative of the board manager, said that the basic social responsibility of every successful enterprise is to provide public welfare and charity and repay the society. It is not only the inheritance of the national spirit of mutual help, but also the responsibility of enterprises. I hope that the enterprise's small charity can help children to build up the confidence to overcome difficulties and successfully realize their dreams.

In the afternoon, Party members came to JUNBA nursing home, where there are more than 30 widowed and widowed old people. Party members brought new bedding, towels, fans, medicines and other materials for the elderly. Father Chen of the nursing home said: "thank the great Communist Party for cultivating loving enterprises. Our nursing home is the base of caring for the elderly of fraternity volunteer Federation. Thank you for visiting us often ”。 It is reported that Chen is always a native of Lukou. He has worked hard in Guangzhou for many years and has made great achievements. He always pays close attention to the construction and development of his hometown. He is the epitome of hundreds of overseas entrepreneurs. At the scene, Mr. Chen led the party members to sing a song of "father and fellow villagers" with great interest. "The tree height is a thousand feet, and the root can not be forgotten". The most simple hometown feeling can be reflected in the song.

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