Event planning and execution-The 2nd Anniversary of the Listing of Chinese Wolfb

Event planning and execution-The 2nd Anniversary of the Listing of Chinese Wolfberry Betel Nuts in Xiangtan Store and 2019 New Product Launch

Time: November 20, 2019

Venue: Changi Hotel

Service content: ChangshaEvent plan planning,Overseas Event Planning Visual design, execution coordination, interactive communication

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On November 20, 2019, the 2nd anniversary of the listing of "Xiangtan Puzi · Medlar Betel Nut" and its new product launch conference with the theme of "the whole 'core' era leads the future" was held in Changsha, Xingcheng, and was hosted by Li Rui, a famous host of Hunan Satellite TV.


It is worth mentioning that, at an important part of the day's event-the love auction ceremony, China's first set of zodiac models "Xiangtan Shop · Medlar Betel Nut" and "Zodiac Moutai" became love lotteries. The guests competed for a bid.

In the end, this auction won 1.2 million donations, of which 600,000 were donated on the spot to 4 people who need help, including Xiao Zhuozuo, who has had physical inconvenience (level 1 disability) but has been engaged in public welfare for 10 years. The other 600,000 donated to the Mango V Fund to help more people.


fh.jpg 《Program》

"The whole" core "era leads the future." At the new starting point of history, Bin Hailong called on all Wuzis to be intoxicated and united, to stand together in the same storm, to build on the momentum, to create a better future with infinite wisdom and hard-working hands! 



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