German exhibition company reviews | helistar laser held a global new product rel

German exhibition company reviews | helistar laser held a global new product release conference at EuroBLECH, Germany

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October 23 in Germany EuroBLECH shock! The revolutionary new equipment of haimuxing laser, HF·LU series laser cutting machine,
Here are some highlights from the event
Secretary general of China machine tool industry association
Haimu star laser to guide the global new product launch

Mr. Sun hongmin sun, global marketing director of sheet metal intelligent equipment of hai mu xing, introduced hai mu xing and announced that hai mu xing Italian company would be established soon!


Yves Dejonckheere, product manager of haimu Italy, tells about the latest HF·LU series models that haimu Italy r&d team has been working hard to build!
Can not stop the exhibition site
By the sea star European research and development team to build
HF·LU series laser cutting machine
HF·LU series laser cutting machine is not simple
It is a revolutionary new device with powerful features and state-of-the-art technology

Ultra-high speed cutting (cutting head moving acceleration up to 5G) high-precision laser cutting

Using swing shaft form, very high - speed cutting complex graphics

X-axis auxiliary fixture
Multiple sets of auxiliary fixture can effectively improve the cutting stability and cutting speed of sheet metal
Full automatic loading and unloading equipment微信截图_20200303141942.jpg

High speed and flexible loading and unloading system, fully automatic operation, no manual processing and adjustment

Equipment with material warehouse, small area

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