Discovery · unlimited -- release conference of new products

Discovery · unlimited -- release conference of new products for autumn and winter overseas of Pierre cardin, France

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With the help of autumn and winter new product release stage, express a kind of Pierre cardan unique aesthetic attitude, leather, culture, art three aspects of each other, bring a new visual experience.

Pierre cardin Discovery O2O concept store creative synchronous release, bringing new business model and unlimited business opportunities.

Is the wisdom, but also the culture; Is the innovation, is the creation; Is the present, is the future.France Pierre cardin "discover · infinite" autumn winter new product release conference is held grandly in brand headquarters, and obtain complete success! This season new product release conference sublimates the design concept comprehensively, infuse the infinite power of innovation and breakthrough.


The promise of hengyuan for the future brings the creative release of Pierre cardin Discovery 020 concept store, from concept, to vision, to products, to services... The diversified exhibition forms fully present the strong foresight and integration force of the brand to the fashion industry.This press conference, for the first time the brand "discovery • unlimited" strategic concept, new initiatives and innovative mode into the market. To discover the full devotion, the pursuit of fashion art vision

Pierre cardin the whole design concept of the conference creative, created a fashion and art space of the journey of discovery, with a new look, full of structural sense of design will be the concept of this season、The culture, products and initiatives are on display. From the unique piccadan Discovery 020 concept store, to the cultural and artistic installations, to the balloon art display... The exquisite and fascinating detail arrangement allows guests to place themselves here, thinking, expressing, and perceiving the infinite power of the spirit of contemporary discovery.

Pierre cardin, with his eclectic fashion inspirations,
The autumn and winter that brings brand-new appearance is tasted newly.


Innovation is vitality, subversion of traditional fashion definition, this season new products into the new design elements and style change, give the original spirit. In addition to the design Evolution of the brand's exclusive Evolution element, the new theme series Globle is full of stories and freshness. This season is maintaining consistent contemporary with refined while, also made more attempt on element, material pledges and outline, will skinCardin style to a new height, showing a style of crossing the past and present posture.

Pierre cardin, founder of fashion art,

Born for the future, to discover and create infinite, open brand new pattern!

Pierre cardin, look forward to meeting you again next time!

Congratulations on the successful conclusion of the order meeting for new autumn and winter products of "discover • unlimited" France Pierre cardin!

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