Planning and implementation of Guangzhou activities

Planning and implementation of Guangzhou activities

Time: January 5, 2020

Venue: Shangri La Hotel, Guangzhou (Pearl River Hall)

Keywords: Overseas Event Planning, Overseas Event Execution Company, Overseas Event Company, Overseas Public Relations Event Company

<Design sketch>

<spot effect>

Warm and sunny weather

Welcome 2020 3K game annual grand ceremony

7th anniversary of 3K

What kind of ingenuity is it

It's different

It's magical to see

Careful, you must have found out

An excellent annual event

It must start with excellent soul support

Our theme is "the road is long, the line is coming"

A perfect interpretation of 3K after 7 years

Determination of career and determination of goals

It also gives 3K people stable direction and confidence

When the warm stage lights up

When the elegant notes of music enter the ear

I feel like this is all behind the scenes

I want to show it to all 3K people

In the annual meeting of 3K

There will never be an empty handed wretch

When the 7th anniversary of 3K meets the 70th anniversary of the motherland

Of course, we need to speak up

A song "me and my motherland"

Chorus Finale

Express our 3K people always believe

With the motherland

Our road will surely go higher and further

Seize the day, never lose the time

Be grateful, believe and love!

In the past seven years, we met and met because of 3K

Be proud of your love

Create our beautiful memories together

Maybe the past year

I have met setbacks, but I also have regrets

But the most beautiful

It's always an unknown challenge. Let's go hand in hand with such a group of people

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