The birth of tiffany diamonds in Paris, France

The birth of tiffany diamonds in Paris, France

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Overseas booth design and production: for you to unlock the secret behind the dazzling Tiffany diamond. From now until November 7, "the birth of tiffany diamonds" limited time experience exhibition, limited time landing in Paris, France
Why do diamonds symbolize love, and how rare are they,Do you know where your precious diamonds come from? What are the criteria for screening diamonds? What makes Tiffany diamonds different? How to choose tiffany diamond ring? Curious about these questions for a long time, 6 the exhibition zone takes you into the diamond world of Tiffany! Quickly follow the steps of haoran brother, embark on the journey to explore the birth of Tiffany diamond, experience craftsmanship!

时间:10月26日 -11月7日 10:00 – 22:00

HEFANG Jewelry


HEFANG JewelryAfter all have much fire, see so many star plant grass personally, you know it has much more popular, zhao liying, Chen qiong, zhou dongyu to wait, had worn the act the role of TA home to act the role of in different occasions, even if be simple dress, after wearing can become fashionable absorb eyeball. Overseas booth design and production

HEFANG JewelryEach series, are in to us to convey a romantic and beautiful story, each piece of work can see craftsmanship, when you see them, minutes will be planted grass, lively and interesting and do not lose fashionable, let fashionable people easily hold various occasions, find the joy of life at any time.

Prada holds Linea Rossa autumn/winter collection launch party

Sleek, innovative and full of technology and authenticity, Prada Linea Rossa is designed for modern life. Linea Rossa series is a fantastic exploration of metropolitan and urban roots, with overseas booth design and production combining orthodox and underground life and experiences. On Oct. 24, Prada celebrated the launch of its Linea Rossa autumn/winter 2019 collection with a party at the mu mu art community in Beijing, and invited DJ Madam X and Peach to join them.
Prada Linea Rossa has always been inspired by reality and the demands of modern life - body and movement, urban reality, urban clothing. "Linea Rossa" reflects these realities and needs in clothes designed for the body and life, and in high-tech sportswear designed for everyday performance.


Prada Linea Rossa red line is the inspiration for the overall design of the overseas booth design and production party,Eye-catching slender red logo longitudinal space, eye-catching, more special lighting device rendering warm atmosphere. More than 400 guests attended the party, including actress zhang xiaohui, zheng shuang, cheng xiao, li yan-xuan, Chen ran, zhou qi, LUU Brothers, host li jing and model Yang hao.

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