Overseas product launch: [catimini] welcome home

Overseas product launch: [catimini] welcome home

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Welcome to
Catimini 2020 spring/summer new product launch show in Paris, France
Follow the perspective of a young artist
Immersed in the joy of the strange, poetic and unique aesthetic world

With a new perspective to interpret the new look of spring and summer

Provide more inspiration for children to wear

Decorate colorful poetic childhood


This season catimini designer
With the theme of "welcome home"
Absorb chun xia romantic profusion is tonal
Bring garden, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and attic five theme scene

Get involved

Create full of imagination, rich sense of spring and summer series new

CatiminiInvite you into the romantic dream house
Stroll from the garden to the bedroom
To the bathroom, kitchen and attic
Into this wonderful world of fantasy

There are many surprises waiting to be revealed

This season play chun xia pure and fresh and be full of vigor colour

Will bubble gum pink and red, orange and dark blue, silver and so on

Combines repetitive vintage patterns, flowers and paper cuts

Inject more interest into everyday clothes

Adopt smooth line outline printing
Blue and beige collide
Multi-pocket cargo shorts design
Lift the boy city battlefield wind dress
Use the bathroom as a playground for your imagination
Perfume bottle, shower nozzle to make unique and interesting theme printing
Create athletic vintage haute couture

Combine vibrant and fresh orange and dark blue

Produce a strong visual effect

Casual pants, large coat is made of rubber

Recreate a classic sportswear look

A picture of colorful and poetic flowers
Depict the imagination of spring fangfei
Deliver catimini childlike wonder


Use transparent gauze and stripe element berlingot rose red 3D fruit drop design

Give the girl of spring fashionable new posture

Catimini 2020 spring/summer new product launch show in Paris, France
Romantic, clever, poetic, energetic
Free children's imagination
Go on a spring and summer date

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